We have picked out a puppy to add to our family! Kaden is so excited, and Serenity, well... I guarantee she will be to. Its a mixbreed of a Lab/boxer/bulldog. and its pure white. it was like this little fuzz ball when we seen it. We cant pick it up until the end of March, because of its age. I had an email that said i probably shouldn't get it because White dogs (mainly boxers) tend to be blind or deaf. This concerned me because of the Extra attention it would need, and so i called the vet. THe assistant said that is moslty common in Purebreeds. Also in Terriors and Dalmations it is the most common. so I felt a little bit of relief. does anyone know anything about this? Either way.. we've picked out the new addition to our family.. Matt and I are very excited.