April Fools -Worms and dirt treat

Kaden Especially had a good time trying to think of good ideas to fool, matt. Kaden thought it would be a brilliant idea, if it had to do with food, "Said Matt Loves Food," Kaden said. Haha. I had to chuckle to myself when he said that. So we thought and we thought.. and came up with the Idea of making Worms N Dirt. The Idea was for him to be Fooled into thinking it was really worms and dirt. But really and easy reciepe with some oreo's, pudding and gummy worms! It was a great idea, and we had fun making it. Here are the kids with the ending product.

Matt, thought it looked like worms and dirt, all right! But decided to take his chances and eat it anyways. Kaden giggled to himself as he awaited, very patiently, for that moment of truth, when he could finally yell out "April Fools Matt, Hahah we GOT YOU!"
Kaden, Serenity, and I, all agreed that If we ever saw Worms N Dirt that looked that good, We'd probably eat it too!
She looks like a Baby HIPPO! But a very darn CUTE hippo!! Thats Daddy, Sharing his worms and Dirt with her!