All things Chocolate!

We officially have found the greatest (and cheap) way to make Brownies so much more, uhm.. whats the word, Chocolaty!!! Its so simple! All you will need:
2 boxes brownie mix (yes, two, we double whammy it) Any brand will do. I used Western Family.
chopped up walnuts
whipped milk chocolate frosting
whoppers (or malted milk)

*Simply make the brownie mix according to the back of the box (cake like brownies-so I believe you have to add 1 extra egg for each box)
*Add half the walnuts (more or less, depending on how you like it)
*Bake according to directions in a 9 x 13 cake pan
-Once its done, let it cool, in the mean time, mix 1/2 cup of your (crushed) whopper candies or malted milk with the milk chocolate frosting and left over walnuts. Spread all over the cake! VIOLA! Enjoy.. we sure did! =)
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