Summer Reading/Math charts

We decided that we would make a chart for the summer Reading and Math! Kaden thought it would be a good idea to get paid (very reasonable, of course..)for doing his reading and math. So I thought, why not?

We made the chart very simply by making a short list, nothing to overwhelming. (after all it is summer!)

I saved the chart on my computer, so that I can print out a new one ever week!

At the end of each week we will count the star stickers that are on his chart and he will have eared one penny for each star. He was amazed to see that after only 2 days he had a quarter and some left over pennies! Way to go! Now I think I better start saving up more change, I have a feeling this was a GOOD IDEA!

Here is a picture of the chart that we started out with. It is very, very simple. Just the way we like it!This is the beginning of Kadens, money makin' days! If only we would have thought of this at the beginning of the summer and not the end! Silly us!

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