Sidewalk Paint Project!

It was such a nice day outside, and the kids were getting a little restless with our sidewalk chalk. So I found a soulution! This paint that we made was really neat, washable, and EASY!

This is all I needed:
1/4 c. corn starch
1/4 c. cold water
some food coloring
cups or washable tins
and brushes:

The kids had a fun time mixing and matching colors! They kept saying that they were glad I like to try new things! hahah.. It makes me happy when they say that!

Kaden is concentrating really hard, he usually does when it comes to mixing different concoctions. Serenity is defintally trying to figure that look out on her brother!

And then they were off....

She was really getting into her artwork..

Kaden put leaves and all sorts of textures and shapes down and then painted over them, and made inprints! He made it even more interesting!

We traced Kadens Shadow...

Even Gizmo, our dog, wanted to get in on the action!!!

It turned out great, and we showed Dad when he got home, he thought it was really awesome!!!

Way to go kids..!!
The best thing about this is, all you need to do is spray it off with a hose! Very simple!
I can give credit for this to my ever so great Google searching, and also it was featured here. Except at that link it shows how to make it with vinigar. I am not a huge fan of the way it smells so i just used water. =) VIOLA!

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