Virginia City, Montana

We {heart} Virginia City, Montana.
As we were passing through it on our way home, we just had to stop. And then we just had to stay! There is nothing funner than walking down the old streets and learning the history of this town.

This is a picture of Serenity nest to the full human Skeleton in the Museum. They have lots of creepy stuff in there, and all the stories you need to know about the town~!

We enjoyed our ice cream, but looks like Serenity was enjoying it more~!

This is the little cabin we stayed in. We went to all the hotels and there was nothing available, finally after we had went back a second time to see if there was any cancelations, we found this little house. It really was a full sized house inside, with a kitchen and all the trimmings. It made us want to stay longer. You can find out more about his Home away from Home cabin {here}.

The people of Virginia City sure do put on a show. They dress like the olden days and have a Ball, and just walk around town like it was the early 1900's. Trippy, but it sure makes it more interesting of a stay.
OH.. and we went on a Ghost walk after dark. It was lots of fun. Serenity fell asleep in her stroller and Kaden was getting kinda freaked out, but he was a trooper! Lots of fun!

Family trips and vacations are the {best}!

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