wonderful delights, right now.

*I am looking over this huge list of all sorts of different Halloween cookie ideas. I am just thrilled!

*Serenity is in the midst of being potty trained and everytime she sits on the potty.. she says "shhh. quiet" in her whisper voice. "K! go pee K!" She then will quietly wait and wait until she goes! It is the cutest thing. Whatever works, right!

*Just shortly ago, I glanced out the living room window, to see the kids from the elementry school outside at recess.. and guess what. There was Kaden, swinging away with his friends at school. It is just wonderful having him this close to home, even when he is at school.

*Gizmo is starting to be "not so WOUND up" even though that doesn't say much. Its nice being able to cuddle with him. {except the snoring part}

*Matts birthday is right around the corner, and I am thinking of ways to surprise him. I love thinking of new ways to spoil my family.