Dear Someone, Letters #1

Dear Santa..
I just want you to know that I am soooo glad that you will not be tracking us in a below zero blizzard this year. With the storm we had last year in West, we thought for sure you would never find us. West Yellowstone really was a chore last year. Im sure the buffallo never mind, though.
I heard rudolph went green and got an incadescent light bulb for his snauze! How wonderful. Go green and save money in the long run!
Before you decide on what your bringing the kids this year, please include batteries, because im going broke just on batteries alone!!
I will leave the front door unlocked this year, because there is no chimney, which by the way, for the first time, I wish we did! These heat and electrical prices are doing a number to our bills!
So as you can tell by this letter, I am all about saving money this year, so with that being said, I just thought I would let you know ahead of time, there will be fig-newtons {from the discounted cart at bobs} instead of sugar cookies this year. No worries, they are raspberry! And to wash those down , there will be a giant glass of milk. (Soy) I know what your thinking.. I started one of them crazy diet fads again, huh! Sure, who else drinks that stuff!
So, Santa, have a Merry Christmas, and dont forget to lock the dead-bolt on your way out!
LOVE, a very merry lerwill mommy