Making breakfast 1 week in advance!

I know, the 1 week in advance might sound.. like EW!  But guarantee Monday thru Friday next week, I am gonna be soo happy that I did this.

So, this is just a normal, easy breakfast for my son,
on school days.
I have made them before, and shared the
There are days when we are just
running late and need all the extra time we can get.

So occasionally, I get one of them grand ideas
and decide to make pancakes galore'!
These aren't your ordinary fluffy pancakes,
{as you can tell}since I use the Jiffy mix, the batter is much more thinner.

is a preferrable name for them.

So.. after they are all prepared, I put a set of Three {3} flapjacks on some tin foil.  Let them cool completly.
After they cool. Wrap them up and place them
in the refridgerator.  Come monday morning.. My son will just take one out put it on a plate and heat it up for a few seconds.. and Wa-la.  Breakfast is served.  {yet made in advance!} LOVE IT~!
I also set this picture as one of my 365 challenge.