Cream Of Wheat Bread

I used my bread machine, so those of you who are tired of the same basic bread..  I have tons of good recipes! 
This is perfect for making French toast because it slices wonderfully!
 Here is a copy of my recipe.  I *again* didn't take a picture!  Darn it.. Im telling you.. I am going to PROMISE to do better at taking pics for you all to see the outcome of our yummy home-made goods!  ENJOY and I would love to hear how it turns out!
And if you want to get real creative, you can add the flavored kind of Cream of Wheat.

Now when you add it into your bread machine:
Add everything in the order as it is listed.  But before you put the egg in-
place it in a bowl and mix it first.. then add the mixed egg to your milk and
The cycle should be on either on SWEET or BASIC CYCLE depending on your machine!