Ooey Gooey Coconut Brownies!



Brownie mix of your choice
Chocolate Chips
Sweet n Condenced Milk

SO make your brownies according to the box.  Cook as directed.
About 3 minutes before the brownies are fully cooked to your liking.. take them out and spread some coconut over the top.  I LOVE coconut so I put MUCHO COCONUT!  Then.. spread some chocolate chips.  I dont use alot, keeping in mind that they will melt and chocolate goes a long way!!  Then.. I pour 1 full can of sweetened condenced milk over the top.  then top with just a few sprinkles more of coconut.  Put it back in the oven and cook for about 5 or 6 more min.  until the sweet milk is a slighty brown and the coconut is toasted. 

You can eat this warm, but it will be VERY GOOEY.  or you can cool, slightly but it will still be gooe OR YOUR CAN coool FOR a few hours or so, and it will still set up nicely, and the chocolate chips wont be so gooey anymore... so either or.  MY FAMILY LOVES THESE OOEY GOOEY!.. If you really want you can add nuts of your choice and a giant scoop of icecream!!!
ENJOY.. From my family to yours!  LEt me know how they turn out!!