Resolutions that I SWEAR I will try extra hard to accomplish!!

i will try to drink more plain water without all the ON THE GO's pour into it.. its sad that I cant drink normal water anymore.

i will stop biting my nails.. Yes this has been a resolution for nearly 20 years of my life.

i am going to stop being such a pansy when it is cold outside, and stop procrastinating to go out.

i am going to stop obsessing over watching the news.

i will not text while someone is talking to me.

i will plan my dinner meals for my family ahead of time instead of 3 hours before dinner time.

although there is nothing wrong with writing 'to do' lists, but i will stop writing them on mail, netflix envelops, kadens homework, and yes, even napkins.  because then I wonder why they always get lost!

i will *breathe* before getting angry

i will continue to furthermore my education.. and do what makes me happy.

last, but certainly not least.. give my pet friend, geemer more hugs.  my kids take mostly all my hugs and loves..cant  leave out my Giz.