Valentines Day Swap


I love Valentines day.
Its a simple {heart} day.
Over the last few years, I have been told that some couples
dont do much, and the guy/or girl is very boring in that department. *giggle*
Its a silly thing.
I found a Valentines day swap to make the day even more
happier, and on top of that, you will recieve a gift.. Its going to be
so much fun!
is doing a Valentines Day Swap.
I must say this is going to be the first one that I have been entered into.
I am way excited.  So excited that I wanted to share it with everyone!!!  Please click on the link above to find out simple rules that partake in this Swap!  I am new to Audreys Country Crafts, and the short time that I spent there, I LOVED IT, it filled that.. Blogs are fun but I want more fun, void in my blogging life. *smile*
if you continue to read
on the link that I posted above, there will be a link
for you to SIGN UP!
I already did, and who knows.. maybe you will
get my gift, or Vi-sa-ver-sa!
Let me know if any of you were interested in this~!
I am curious to see.
But hurry you only have until the 22nd Of January to sign up!!!