Summer of 99'

When I was 15 I had a pen pal from Jejudo China. Her nam was Mi-seon.  We exchanged hand written letters and I remember being so excited everytime I recieved a letter in return from mine.  We sent eachother newspaper and magazine clippings that were interesting and stylish. There were never any phone calls, just hand written letters.  This continued on for a duration of 2 years. I remember she even sent me little figurines that were made out of paper.  She was brilliant.  She became a good friend of mine.  But after the sudden rush of turning 17 and working full time to move to Boise, I lost touch of Mi-Seon. 
Over the years, I have managed to keep a few of my keepsakes.  The picture posted above is a post card that she had sent me.  I dont know what it says.  But quite frankly it doesn't bother me.  Isn't it cute!
I also have a class picture of her and all her school mates from that summer of 99'.  I remember when she first sent it to me, there was about 60 chinese girls in this pic, and it took me DAYS to figure out which one was her.  They all looked the same, short-straight-shiny-black hair.  The clothing was also very similar.  But regardless, I did figure out which one was her!   

I wonder if she managed to keep any of the stuff I sent to her?  I probably will never know.
pen pals make me smile.
Especially when I was 16.