Frothee Orange Drink

This was a treat I made for Serenity and I.  Hers was in a Sippy cup of course..  

This morning, she managed to tumble off of the couch splitting the inside of her upper lip.  The little connecter that connects your lip to your gum.. well she doesn't have one anymore.. and needless to say, the doc said she was too young for stitches, or else she would have had to get stitches in her gums.  The crease above her teeth where her gums are, was split completly open.  Of course it looks better now then what it did b4 i took her in.  But man, O Man.. I paniked.  But drove her to the ER.

They fixed her up and gave her a popsicle.

So when I got home.. I made these lovely ice cold drinks, since the doc said she wouldn't be able to really eat much since her mouth will be very sore.

But now.  She is just fine.. and she loved the treat that we made.