Dear Someone, Letters #2

Dear Spring Break,
Oh how I am so glad you are hear.  Usually by the time you are gone, the sun is shining wonderfuly on my naked feet {which I dress in toe rings and flipflops}

Dear BFF,
I am looking forward to being your friends Consultant for SCENTSY this weekend.  Infact I cant wait to show off the cute lil Grapevine warmer that just arrived in the mail. Its just lovely and it looks great in my living room. Not to mention I am melting wonderful spring filled scents!
p.s. any followers want one of these let me know!! I will ship to you for free! OH HOW I Love sharing my Scentsyness!

Dear roomies that live downstairs,
I dont know what you cookin' up so late at night, but at about 11pm I get this awful smell comming up through my vents of garlic and onions.  Now Im sure it smells and tastes just lovely when you are cooking it, but the after smell of it creeping up through my heater vents is just *cough* smoggy.  {thank goodness for my scentsy spray}  Although we haven't yet crossed paths yet, I would love to discuss this over tea?

Dear Abbots,
Now that I am back in my lil ol hometown,{yeah!} I must say, that I totally must have taken advantage of you before.  I have found myself in your store so much this past week, that I am beginning to think that you may think im lost. Im not. I must be overwhelemed that now I live next to a lil crafty store where I can just go in and buy anything that I need at the moment.  Its so nice. 

THanks for reading my Dear someone letters for the day!
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