I {heart} followers.  Not only because I like not having the feeling of rambling on to myself on here.. but because I love comments, and interaction from each and every one of you!  {can you tell I am a stay at home mom and wifey?}  Well Regardless. I have been wondering.. How to I help share the love? 

-Kind of like a button swap!-

I recently made a blog button.  {To the left} Its not much, but I am very proud of myself :smiley:

I realized that once I get a follower, their little icon sits over on my sidebar, and thats it.. but blogs I follow can be made into a blog roll, and be shown off all over the place! No fair! :again being sarcastic:

So I thought.  What a better way to spice up my blog, then to Post all my Followers Buttons on here!
(if you do not have a button, no worries, I can still get a link up here of yours to share!)

I love this idea!
But only with permission from my followers... of course.

So If you follow me, then leave a comment,
letting me know that you have added my button to your sidebar somewhere, anywhere..
and I will surely add yours. 

With all that being said..
Nighty night!