It all ended with me seeing green!

First things first!  Happy St. Patricks day!
Okay, NOW! WHEW.. its been a long day of green things - this n' that!
And.. of course, I took pictures.
Kaden had is Lucky Charms for Breakfast.. but when he went to get the milk....
He was almost sure a leprachaun snuck in the house while we were sleeping and magically turned it green.
I watched as he finished getting ready for school,
that he kept looking all around for that sneaky lil leprachaun.

When Sissy woke up I told her, Happy St. Patricks day, but she didn't know no different. {innocents is beautiful}

Now to the good parts.
Kaden got home from school and told me all about the fun stuff they did and ate!

Dinner approaced fastly, and I started whipping stuff up.  It really was simple dining.  Thats always best!

First for our Drinks!

It is actually just a simple limeade, with lime popsicle bits for ice!

On to the pancakes, MMMM!!
Who makes the fluffiest pancakes of all?
MOMMA makes the fluffiest pancakes of all!
{yeah, well I try =}

Well, after the GREEN EGGS.. and GREEN PANCAKES.. were all cooked up.. thanks to my family for helping me!

We had dinner!

They were scrumptious!
Just ask the kids!

Then there was dessert!
We had pink cupcakes..
But looks can be decieving!

SO, the day was filled with lots of green. And I wouldn't take it back for nothing!

I think its time for us to put on Americas Funniest Home Videos, and Enjoy our Cupcakes!

Whatta' ya say!
I {heart} my family.