Love Story - Vol 1 "Taryn ♥ Mitch

~Taryn and Mitch~

What a perfect way to start out this 'Love Story' Extravaganza.

Taryn over @Taryn It Up is first in line for our Love Story series..
{thanks Taryn for particpating!}

All Up In MySpace

In my senior Creative Writing class we had to write a personal ad that highlight our flaws. Well this is what I wrote & posted on my MySpace blog on Sunday, Jan. 21, 2007.

"Bitter With Baggage Seeks Same"

SWF Catholic, spoiled, loud, winey, bossy. Won't pay for anything, fall in love or put out. Loves going out to dinner, has BAD table manners and eats A LOT. Also enjoys concerts, known to get too close to mosh pits and/or flirt w/ band
Seeks SM w/ car, job, money and time to spend on me. MUST pay for all dates, buy me jewelry, be hot, talent, funny.
Dumbass jerks need not apply."

Mitch commented, "I would not only pay, I would cook for you!! But that's just the kindof guy I am. Peace, Mitch P.S. Profile looks good :-)"

I commented back & the rest is history.

This is us on our first date. It was a double date with people we never talk to anymore. We were at the BEST Mexican Restaurant ever, Ayala's in Dayton, TN.

Words can't convey
What I want to say
Words of love so over used
They're tired and abused

Wish I could find words fresh and new
Just spoken for me and you
But all the ones that come to mind
Have been used too many times

Three little words won't do
When confessing my love to you
My love is so much more
Than most thought before

Oh Please! How do you say?
Without sounding cliché
That my love grows everyday
More and more in every way

Or that you're my soul mate
That we met is fate
We were meant be together
With you I'll be forever

Yes, that's all true
But no good to tell you
I won't let you go
That I know

I wrote this in April '07 after falling in love with Mitch. It's about my frustration to find words good enough express my love. The picture above is Mitch on our wedding day, January 3, 2009.

{I just want to say thanks again to Taryn for this unique lil' story!}

If you are interested in participating.. Email me your 'Love Story' with pictures.. for a feature here on SB!