Love Story - Vol 2 "Joy ♥ Derek"


Todays Love Story comes from my dear

This is what she had to say.

"Not a hugely romantic story but here goes...."

Can I start by saying today ( St. Pattricks Day) is the anniversary of the day he proposed! 15 years ago today I said "yes!"

We met in High School. Rigby High School. Sr. year. He moved there Thanksgiving time and I had been out sick for a few days. When i came back, I noticed him immediatley in Calculus class. He sat across the room from me. I asked a friend who he was. She told me he had moved from Tx, but not to get any ideas, because 'so and so' already had dibs on him. I didnt like him like that- I was just curious. He was not my type at all. I was a good girl. Strait A's, seminary student, ect. I could tell he was a bit of a rebel, Nine inch nails back pack and all!

The next tri-mester began and we had speech together. We actually began to talk and little and flirt a little in this class. Then he finally asked me out and we went bowling for our first date. Then I started detouring past his house on my way home from work at Dairy Queen to give him a blizzard treat once in a while.

HIgh School graduation came and went and so did he. He went back home to Tx and I didnt hear from him for a while. Then one day I did and we spent several hours on the phone and letters in the mail. He finally talked me into going to visit him and I did. I flew to Az and spent the most wonderful week or so with him and we decided we wanted to get married and be together forever! So a month later I moved down and totally expected an official proposal on Valentines Day, but that didnt happen. He waited till St. Patrick's day. And we were married in his parents backyard June 27, 1995.

15 years later, we now have 4 wonderful children. We have been thru alot of challenges mostly due to his schooling. He graduated from Medical School, finished family medicine residency and is almost done with his sports medicin fellowship. I have been far away from family and friends, and have felt like a single mom alot of the time. But he is mine and I love him more and more everyday!

I Love this! Yes I do! Thanks so much Joy for sharing this.

Joy also has a wonderful nifty crafty blog that you can go and check out @Mommas Kinda Crafty

If you have some time..head on over there an let her know you read her cute lil love story, and Im sure she will be glad to know that you read it!