Out on the Farm.

So as my parents were outta town, we had to go do the chores for them.
Which is no biggie because we love it out there.
Serenity loves feeding the chikens and roosters.
Kaden likes feeding the horses and goats.
Heres just a quick recap..

Serenity pretty much throws the feed at the roosters.

Daddy watching Serenity feed the layin' hens.

Gizmo wondering why he had to stay tied up in the barn all night.
Silly dog.
He misses us!
(we cant have dogs at our place so he is staying on the farm for the time being)

Kids love the whole farm thang.

Gizmo had to go locked back up in the Barn before we left, and he really wanted Missy to come in there with him.
Sorry Geemer.
Serenity feeding 'Bandit'
She is so funny, she calls him Bandaide.
She is still in jammies. It was early when we had to go feed them!

2 reasons why she is unhappy.
She was not a happy camper when I told her it was time to go home!

Back home with our eggs.

Have a great day!