Remember Pogs?

They were called Pogs in my day.. but they are also known as Milk Caps. {via}  I was going through some stuff of mine in storage and I found my pogs. Now, I hate to brag but by judging by the backpack size full of these things... you wouldn't have to be a rocket scientist to know that I was a POG CHAMP!  Yeppers! {wink wink}

 As I was going through them with my kids, I was reminded of alot of memories.  One specific recap I remember is me and my cousin Weecha {nickname} would play pogs for hours and hours.  We would even get so upset with eachother when we won eachothers pogs {for rules on how to play click here}.  But that was the name of the game.  Those were golden days. I will never foget them.  But for now.. I pass them on to my kids, and they enjoy looking at all the pictures.  They didn't get into the game as much as I did when I was young, but thats okay. 

I found a piece of paper that was in my handwriting in this backpack, and it said 2147 pogs.  I am guessing I sat down one day and counted each one individually.  Thats how crazed I was over pogs!
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I wonder how many people can relate?  I love things that bring back memories, and I love even more being able to pass them {pogs and memories} on to my children!