Cute purse and its contents 'Party' for the weekend!

This is how I see it.  I am a very organized person, but at times my purse is the most unorganized thing EVER.. I mean literally.  First off, I have to say, that I am a purse FANATIC.  Nothing cuter then having a stylish handbag that you love!    The worst thing is hearing your cell phone ring, and you not being able to find it in all the rubble that sinks to the bottom of your purse.  I usually have one specific little cubby that I put my phone into, but that rarely happens.  So I have to rely on luck of my neon light to find my phone for that very important phone call! Not so many of them in a day, but it happens.  This is where I got the idea for Purse 'Party'  I am very interested in knowing.. what your purses look like, and if you are rebelious enough, go ahead and dump all that stuff out , and snap a photo to share with me!  I really do want to see.. {that is why I am doing this linky-up party.. it is one of my first linky ups.. so please bare with me!)   Other then that.. Lets make this fun!


Jergens lotion
Advil bottle with all kinds of vitamins n such.
Hand sanitizer
{yes, sigh} sticky notes!
Trident sugar free gum
Scentsy "clarity" tester {for MAY}
Lip gloss
Piece of obsideon {used to make arrowheads.. i found on one of my walks}
THAT IS A MOIST TOWELETTE.. not what you were thinking!
Hair barrets
Eye drops

MISSING from this morning:
hm.. where is my midsized calendar?
Fruitsnacks for the kids?

anywhoo.. I look farward to your link-ups!  All you do is post whats in your purse and pic of your purse on your blog, and then link your posts' url.. {not your blog url.. make sure its your posts url.. you get this by viewing your blog and clicking on your posts title.}  Let the 'Purse and the Contents Party' begin!
Have a lovely weekend everyone!