Engagement pic and Red Candy Apple Scentsy Bar

SO lets take a stroll around the house shall we....

Backwoods Fern is doing a link up, and  since i am a very random picture taker..this is perfect for me.. head on over to her blog and join in the fun!

Well the house is very bare.  We have everything in storage except the necissary things that we might need if the hubby gets a phone call that says they need us a state away for work.   {ahh.. the waiting game}  So.. Heres a simpler few of my favorite things..
First things first.  This is a picture that hangs in our room.  It reminds me everyday just how happy I am.  This was an engagement picture, which was the start to a new beginning for me.  I love this picture and the warm fuzzies it brings.

Number 2-
I cant necissarily show you just what I am loving, because its a smell.  I am melting my Red Candy Apple Scentsy and it smells so good.  The kids kept using there little sniffers everytime they walked in the house, and they smiled {so its worth it!}  I also had a lady that stopped by to buys some strawbery starts that I have, and she was very anxious to take home a catalog!  I love Scentsy!  My home isn't a home without the yum-smellies!

OOOH! Speaking of Scentsy!!!!!   I couldn't possible forget to mention that the Giveaway that I am SPONSORING is still open for grabs!
Yeppers! If you haven't ever heard of SCENTSY  then you are missing out. I love wickless candles and all the great scents!  I am part of a great team!

SO there you have it.. my 2 favorite things around my house, RIGHT NOW!  I guarantee if you asked me what my favorite things were 20 minutes from now.. I bet it would randomly change.  Thats me, I guess.

Rainy day outside, I should be cleaning...