Delightful Sugar Doll award

I recieved a SUGAR DOLL Blogga Award!  How exciting, this is.  Thanks Lala!  I am very happy.  Lala has a very vintage blog, which I love to stop by at every so often!
1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
2) Pass this award onto fabulous bloggers of your choice.
3) Contact said blogs and let them know they've won.
4) Re-post and state 10 things about yourself.

1. My dream car, and by dream i mean ' I used to imagine that I drove my barbie and ken dolls in this car ever since i was little' kinda car... Yeah, thats how badly...   Any takers?     A Purple Lamborghini.   {cross my fingers this becomes a reality, someday.. }
<-This kind of purple..

2. My Zodiac sign is Cancer.  It fits me to a T. 

3.  I Love Wine.

4. I have a tattoo of a Butterfly on my back, between my shouldter blades.  I  ♥ butterflies..

5. I sing Kum-by-ya to my daughter every night for the last month, because it is her favorite song at the moment.

6. My son and I were on our own for nearly 5 years before I met my wonderful husband, who made our family complete {then we had our daughter, Serenity, whom is almost 3}

7. I recently just had a mole removed from my face (i know sounds gross). All the girls in my family have the same mole by our nose. I have never liked mine, and so at the first opportunity I got to get it removed.. I did. I will do before and after shots soon!

8. I have a horrible habbit of biting my nails.. {darn new years resolutions, anyway..}

9. I DO NOT like PEZ candy.. they just dont make em' like they used to.

10. I DO LOVE CHOCOLATE, though.. This girl is a classic chocolate lover!

My  Sugar Dolls of choice, in no particular order!

GABBY,  JOY,  KASS,     Bacwoods Fern,    Love, Actually,    The Idea Room

These are all blogs that I have stopped in to see today... so far!  There are so many more that I stop by and see ..  I hope the rest of you are having a great day!