Pink Cherry Fizz

Tonight the hubby and I spend our 5th New Years together and o what a wonderful time it has been.  Happy New Years to my family and friends!  WE took the kiddos to eat at a pizza place in the little town next to us and we ended up waiting for nearly 1 hour for them to get us our pizza.  Thank goodness we had good spirits about it, because the guy ended up giving us our food pretty much for free.  I even was kind enough to leave a tip. 

Now we are home and I am making up some drinks while we wait for the ball to drop.  The kids are going to try and stay up as late as they can, so it shall be a good one.  Happy new years to me!

Pink Cherry Fizz
6oz Pink Lemonade (i used crystal light, because its low in sugar)
2oz sprite
2 oz vodka (smirnoff)
Optional  :
2 marachino cherries (and a lil extra juice from the cherries if need be)