FITBF ♥ currently enjoying ♥

Im currently ♥'ing these:

1. I am currently obsessed with tea.  Chai tea to green tea, I have got to try it.  There are so many flavors it amazes me.  Infact im drinking pomegranite green tea as I type this.. The aroma is perfect.

2. Today I am giddy because, I took a nap today, and so Im up WAY late!  ♥ late nights that extend into mornings.

3. The age I am is 27 and the age I feel is young at heart, but my goodness, these grey hairs are starting to worry me!
4. My favorite place is besides where i call home {because thats obvious} but im really being thrifty at the fabric store lately...
5. Something I have been procrastinating is doing my taxes. ha! home buisness can be such a pain!
6. The last thing I purchased was a sunkist, which I didn't drink, because im not a fan of pop.
7. The thing I love most about my home is that its a snuggled cacoon where me and my family reside in.
And since it is also Flashback Friday I think I will close this post with this lovely picture:
Myself and my lovely Gramms.  Oh how I do love her dearly.  I was also her favorite {wink} 
She is my guardian Angel....


IN his hands he holds a piece of thin rope, less than a foot in length, too short for even him to fashion into a usable noose.

{quoted from page 56 of the book : Mockingjay  by Suzanne Collins}