My 'Dear 16 year old self' Letter

Below: (26 year old me)                                                   Above:(16 year old me)
Dear 16 year old self,

Here we go with another long letter. You certainly did always write long letters. Now you finally get to see how it feels for the letter reciever. I must say, it is pleasant.

So much to say. Lets start at Sixteen, shall we? Don’t worry about what others say, your random yet crazy self will be remembered by the ones who love you for you. You will remain that social butterfly, and because of that you will meet great and wonderful people along the wayto growing up... Take more risks. Not crazy ones... Just in moderation!

Give your parents more credit. When you decide to cut your hair, dye it black with chunky neon red streaks, maybe you should warn them first. Oh. And they will never get used to you going to hardcore-screamo concerts with kids who safety pin their clothes for fashion. Those fashionable kids will end up thanking you later because you accepted them for who they really are.

I know little bro is annoying as ever, and all up in your biz, but hug him more often. Tell him you love him more. He will become a close friend, and you’ll regret those mean remarks.

I don’t know how you are going to do it, but you will also hold a full time job during your Senior year in high school, just to earn enough money to move out on the day you turn 18. Your parents’ rules really aren’t that strict. You will understand, when you have kids. (2 to be exact!)
The high school days will surpass you before you know it. And you will realize that all the crazy stuff you did, your lucky to be alive. You crazy, girl! But even so you will never regret ANYHING, except keeping your parents up till all hours of the night, worried.

You will graduate, and off to a bigger city, you will go. Boy, do you have a ride ahead of ya! Your childhood cousin and pen pal will become your roomie. Good rock n roll times. When its over, it will seem like it wasn’t near long enough. You will reunite with So n’ So, your high school sweet heart. Who eventually tells you he loves you. For some reason, young and/or stupid, you will believe its your fairytale ending.

Your life is blessed with a son and its this moment in time, when you realize that being a mom, is one of the greatest gifts in life.

Your Prince Charming turns out to be a fake on a mule. And you begin to think that fairytale endings really aren’t what they are cracked up to be.  One things for sure. You make a great mom.

Pretty much your whole life, you are going to wonder what it is that you were suppose to do in this lifetime, and I think it hits you at about mid 20ish, that you are meant to be whatever today brings. Now for some bad news. I am telling you ahead of time.
Never lose hope. Eventually you will hit rock bottom and will make some very bad decisions. You follow a very dark demon and one day wake up realizing that you have lost yourself. Chin up, girl! You come crawling out of this, and learn that your family will always be there for you. You will soon realize if you can conquer this, you can achieve anything. Its this time in life, when you start taking things more seriously.

You and you son will be back on your feet in no time, he becomes your strength. You go on to build great memories as a family, and he truly looks up to you. His smile melts your heart (still do this day..) One day when you least expect it, you will meet a man with a great smile. You always knew you were a sucker for a good smile. From that moment on you two will be inseparable. His heart is genuine and he will become your best friend. He will play the role of a father to your son, and you will look up to him for that. He will call you crazy at times, but really he means no harm.

You will be married May 17, 2008 and it will be one of the most memorable days, yet. So don’t stress out too much over it. Everything works out perfectly. Dreams do come true..

You will have opportunity to see different lifestyles, and cultures, meet new people along the way, and discover that the world is a fascinating place. Your kids will also benefit from this. The world through a child’s eyes is remarkable.

Life always has unexpected surprises. There will be a few quirks thrown in there, but nothing you cant handle!

And lastly but not finally… Just breathe. Take more time for yourself, and quit trying to make everyone happy. Don’t be afraid to let people help you more. Music still flows through your veins. You always knew it was one thing that could never let you down. Harmony for the soul.


If you lack love, you lack being.
You are special. Crazy, yet, beautiful.
That’s what makes you, you.
Always trust your gut instinct, it will certainly come in handy.
Memories last a lifetime.
-and last but not least-

Never stop smiling.

Love Me at {27}
Sincerly, your Friend.