Love Letters...

Thank you FTLOB, for having me dig through old-old photo albums and junk to get to these letters {there are several} but this one will do just fine.  It might not be what you expect as a love letter.  I dont recall getting many love letters in my day, but I do remember the letters I used to recieve from my dad while he was away behind bars {for most of my life} and the way he would express how much he missed me through words.  I was too young to understand, but my dear Grandma, kept mounds of his letters and drawings for me over the ages, and I have them for safe keeping.  I am still unsure if he was writing these letters because he certainly did miss me, or was it because he had no one on his side. {ever!}  I'd like to believe he really did miss me, and as I grew older, I hoped that love he had for his daughter would change him for the better.   It never did. 

#1  simple and sweet

Dear {me}

Hi babydoll. How is dady's sweet and precious little lady doing?  Well my love, I pray to God that when you recieve this letter in your most precious hands it will find you only in the best of health and spirits.

So how are you my love?  You know Babydoll, Daddy sure misses you a whole lot.  Theres not a day that goes by that I'm not thinking of you.  I love you soo much and I miss everything about you!  So your gonna be 5 years old in a few weeks, huh, my love. Wel you sure are getting big babydoll.  Well Daddy has some beautiful presents for your birthday so you'll be getting them soon okay!

Well baby daddy is going to close for now so you take care. Tell Mommy daddy says hi and tell her to write daddy okay my love.  you take care. I send you eery bit of my love along with lots and lots of hugs and kisses.  God bless you. 

Love always and forever,

#2 somewhat gutwrenching.

Dear {me}

Hello Babydoll, how is Daddys precious angel doing.  Well I preay good adn that when you recieve this letter in your most precious hands, it will find you only in the best of health and spirits, also with a smile on your beautiful face!

Babydoll, it was sure good to see you the other night.  You dont know how much it meant to me to see you again.  Ive prayed to God for so long, and my prayers were answered!  Your soo Beautiful I just wish I could have held you in my arms, and kissed you and hugged you!  thank you fro comming to see me.  Will you please come and visit me again?  Babydoll theres no need to be afraid or scared , cuz Daddy loves you, and I'll always e there for you my love! so please come and see me again.

Dont forget to send me some of your drawings, you know how much I love them.  I'll send you some soon also! 

How are you doing in school?

Well babydoll, I'll let you go for now. I'll call you in  a few days, Okay.  Tell mommy daddy says Hi.

Goodbye my love and God Bless you . I send you all my love, with all my heart.

I love you forever and ever
love your Daddy,