Sunday post Part 2

So, for some good news to make anyones day!

L I V E . L A U G H . L O V E
With the day almost over, I am her on my blog, reading my most awesome comments, {and commenting back of course}  I get the best news ever!   I am being featured over to The Things We Find Inside for Spotlight Sundays!  How awesome is that. Very!  It made my day. 

So upon recieving this awsome news, of course I want to find out all the good details of this blog, and about the author, Tami Marie {aka Marie, and yes, a very lovely name indeed}. 

She lives in Trinadad, and this is one of the places on my SOMEDAY LIST, to visit. What a coincidence! She love the 3 L's, as which I do too.. to find out more about her and her blog please visit {via}

above photo{via}

For the upcomming days: I have love stories galore!