Weekend treats

I love my weekends ♥, yes I do.   Besides spending extra time with family {because that comes first} I also like to take some 'me' time.  That can consist of various things...  this weekend it was baking goodies.  I was on a roll.

First we had yummy potato soup and some crossants:  {notice one is missing, it was a sample taste}

Dessert was scrumptious:

Saturday night we had family movie night, and enjoyed these babies:
{thats chocolate fudge browines ala'mode}  YES PLEASE!

I know the weekend isn't quite over yet,
and even though there isn't much to do in this lil' po-dunk town,
I have my families company, and that is good enough for me.

On another good note, I got these freebie books from the bookstore, and one of them is old Mark Twain "Tom Sawyer"  Its funny that I came across this, because just recentl in the news, I heard they were going to take them off the shelves and revise them because of the launguage barrier inside? not too sure about all that, but now I have an original. {smile face}

...with ♥, Social Butterfly