What Im lovin' Friday + FITBF

Not only does it mean the weekend is near, but the Husband and Kids are ALL MINE!  There is also no Zumba classes to tend to, Taekwondo lessons to be to on time {or the little guy has to run laps around the gym}, no ballet lessons, or work for the hubby. So that means late night movies with junk food and sleeping in!  Oh the joys!

But first things first...
My dear Baby Girl,  left this by the bedside this morning for me to awaken to:

She really is the sweetest lil girl ever, and constantly making me smile.

So, I love packages and good stuff that comes to me via mail {or ups, for this cause} but this bad boy, I have been anticipating for quite some time and IT FINALLY ARRIVED.  Now if only I knew how to use it.  I really am determined to get my Sew on.  Truth is, I have a list of things that I really really want to make, and all I was lacking was this!

Get ready discount fabric, cuz' here I come!

May the weekend bring smiles and laughter to all who dare to take chances.
...with ♥

and here for FITBF {fill in the blank friday}

1. I am a bit crazy at times. 'nuf said.

2. The bravest thing I've ever done conquer a very bad addiction.

3. I feel prettiest when im sippin on a gigantic margarita.  no seriously, cute flip flops, shorts, comfy tank that compliments my figure, and cheap sunglasses... someone on a hot sunny day.  yep.

4. Something that keeps me awake at night is thinking about my husbands job and how stressful it is.

5. My favorite meal in the entire world is Thanksgiving dinner {thats just because turkey sounds so good right now, on a hot homemade roll, and then dipped in gravy.  YUM!}  subject to change with mood, though =)
6. The way to my heart is through deep thoughts and secrets.  I love a good conversation with someone I admire.

7. I would like to buy a house, grow old with my husband and kids, be a fabulous mom and wife, and live happily ever after.