Words of Wisdom #2, + link up love

"Shes smiling on the inside, at loss for words"
Photo taken by me of me
“We do not ‘come into’ into this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean ‘waves,’ the universe ‘peoples.’ Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe. This fact is rarely, if ever, experienced by most individuals. Even those who know it to be true in theory do not sense or feel it, but continue to be aware of themselves as isolated ‘egos’ inside bags of skin.”

 –Alan Watts


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  1. I am suppose to wear reading glasses but really dislike them, they make me go cross-eyed
  2. I bite my nails, really short, and then get sad when I cant paint them cute
  3. I love to dance, and that is why I am currently working my way down the scale with zumba, and it makes losing weight fun.
  4. I recently got a sewing machine, and I must say.. I am in love.
  5. When im not feeling so good {like today} i really dread on having to make dinner.
  6. I have had a few anxiety attacks with my last move, and am really fearful that I might ever have to go through that again, it was very scary.
  7. The house seems to fall apart if I am sick.  Its like a tornado goes right through here, and everyone seems to forget that mommy needs some quiet time.
  8. I love reading books, I just cant seem to find the time, lately.
  9. I have moved {in my lifetime} over 20 times....
  10. I have never broken any bones :knock on wood:

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