Words of Wisdom #3

"the beauty doesn't describe the happiness I felt at this moment"
Photo of my wedding dress
I hope that one day my children will peek into a dark attic and find my wedding dress, and think its the most beauful thing they have ever seen, just as I once did when looking for that special dress.  Believe it or not, this was the 1st of hundreds that I ever looked at. 

And just incase one picture wasn't enough {i can never get enough wedding photos} here is a second pic of me in my antique gold dress.

I could post pictures up of this wedding dress all day and night, but I wont for space, and time.  I do want to share with all of you though, this great giveaway, that I am HOPING, and Crossing my fingers, and hoping so more, that I can win.  You see, I love postcards, and this is the perfect gift, for myself.  Im stingy!
Head on over to the blog 'oh lauren' and see for yourself. 

While you are there you can also enter the giveaway, and  check out some of the fun things she has going on at her blog!