Trash bags to TRASH FABS ♥

Yep, My first sewing project was a boom. I had so much fun pinning and sewing, that I couldn't wait to share it with my fam and friends. Very proud of myself, and im currently busy busy thinking of what next??

Here is a before:
Just a very unattractive bunch of bags... stuffed into some more bags..

And After:
with a little bit of funky fabric and the new sewing maching {which I love}

The yellow was scraps I had from random obsessions, and the checkered type fabric is from an old apron that I got at a yardsale a few years ago, and never wore once, because it fit akward. =)

Isn't it funky! ♥

I dont think i would be any good at a tutorial, I forgot to take pictures, and I dont know exact measurments, i really just winged this one.  It was SEW easy.. Get it!