Colorful Summer Salad.. I can't wait for summer!!!

Spring brings on Summer and I LOVE ♥ SUMMER!  Its my time to shine! {I dont function well in the cold}  During the summer when we BBQ and all the good stuff, I love making side salads.  Well I made one the other day, and I was sad because, not only do we NOT have a BBQ'er this move but its still so stinkin cold outside!  Either way, I endulged, and I wanted to share it with you.  My family loves this! {my husband especially!}

Boil your noodles. Drain and cool in fridge.

  • Get some olives,
  • shredded cheese,
  • parmasan {the real stuff},
  • Peppers {red - green - orange -yellow}
  • Italian dressing
  • Mix it all together {you can mix however much stuff into it as you'd like}
  • Sometimes I add chopped pepperoni.  Good addition.
And this is what you have AFTER!  ITS SOOO GOOD!

Am-num-num-num.   Sadly there were no left overs for me to enjoy the next day.  This is so easy and yummy, I swear I make it once a week in the summer!