Cozy Chapstick Holder

Well, this is a bit different for me.. Since I got my sewing machine I have stalled, I tell you what!  It seemed like I had all these ideas for things, and now that it comes down making them.. im stumped.  hmm??

The other day my Son came up to me asking for some chapstick. 

"Wheres yours?"

He shruggs.

"How many tubes have you went through this week?"  I asked while sorting through my purse looking for mine.

When I realized I had given him my last tube of chapstick (and suddenly my lips were feeling chapped) I told him I was going to have to buy him a chapstick holder, so he wouldn't lose any more.

AH-HA moment!!

I began charting down sketches of how I was going to whip him up one real quick, but after alot of erasing, and focused on my chapped lips, I figured I would browse online for some ideas instead.  {much better solution for a impatient kinda gal, such as myself}

There were TONS of ideas, but I had to start somewhere.  And that I did!

I made one that didnt' look so fancy shmancy, but then I managed to whip this little number up..

I must say it was a fabulous idea!
And 2 days later Im happy to report, my son thinks his mom is cool for comming up with such ideas {he doesn't need to know the details}
he still has the same tube of chapstick that I bought for him!
I could get used to this!