End of Thursday - March 12, 2011

Wow, what a day it has been.  I decided to pack up a days worth of bags and go to my sons Taekwondo tournament today.  The drive wasn't bad, it was beautiful outside.  My son brought home a trophy for 1st place on his Poomse and a metal for his sparring.  I am so proud of him.  Sissy sat through 8 hours of "YA's and HA's"  and she loved every minuted of it. Shes 3 mind you, So I was very proud of her as well.  The day flew by, and now the kids are home snuggled in jammies and safe and sound.  I on the other hand feel like I am ready to go go go.  The day just flew on by, it doesn't even seem like it was an actual day.  And I will be losing a hour of sleep tonight due to daylight savings.

So.  NEXT.

I have sooo many pictures that I have found online that I want to start sharing with everyone, but I get nervous that someday the source is going to break the HTML code, and so I will lose the picture permantetly on my blog.  I dont know why, but it makes me anxious just thinking about it.

Earlier while I was finishine up my Handmade Postcards {for my Postcard Swap that I am offering to ALL OF YOU LOVELY PEOPLE} and my husband was watching Wedding Crashers.  Which is ONE of my favorite movies. 
Besides Wedding Crashers.. do you wanna know my #1 favorite Movie right now? I have watched it over 50 times {no joke} and I laugh throught the whole movie! Seriously.  Have you seen it?
(I wanted to post the movie clip here for you to see, but it wouldn't let me)  I promise the link is safe! lol
So mote it be... Im going to get some shuteye.