Ending the conversation...

When she called the 1st time I ignored the phone ringing. I was in the middle of doing something and didn't want to answer questions as to why I never called her back lastnight.
So when I finally called her back I was first conflicted with, "I tried calling you back, but you didn't answer. Where were you?" Series of questions.

"I was calling you to see if you would send me those Jeans that I put in your attic last summer." I didn't remember about them until she reminded me that they were up there and told me what sizes they were. I knew now they would fit me.

"Why? You haven't lost that much weight." She said.  I instantly got pissed because its been 3 months since she has seen me, and even though I may have not lost that much weight to be considerable in her eyes, I was fuming.

Im unsure if she knows remarks like this hurt. They have always hurt. But she doesn't seem to care.

"Okay, I will talk to you later"  I hung up before she could answer.

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She has always criticized me for my weight. I can remember her even calling me names when I was younger. 

When I confronted her about it 20 years down the road, she denied it.

"No I didn't" she said with a smircky sound in her voice.

"Yes, you did, I remember." Being the stubborn self that I am, I am quick to speak my mind.

"Well, I was just telling you if you didn't stop eating like that you were going to get big...-er" she chuckled.

I stopped that conversation quickly, because I knew it was heading nowhere.

My stories are fiction and non fiction. I'm not critisizing or pointing the finger toward anyone.   Weather they are true or false is on a "only I need to know that" basis.
Im merely sharing my observations with you. Thanks.