Fill in the blank Friday

1. The best prank I ever pulled was        I can remember any good ones. I usually end up laughing and ruining the whole thing!

2. The best prank ever pulled on me was    geez really, uhm... this one really stumps me. 

3. A day without     a good tune and the random act of saying "i love you" is a day wasted.

4. The most important things in life are     knowing that you have people in your life who love you and will take the time out of each day just to show you they love you  .
5. I dream of     owning a home and a security place to go.  Also, traveling with my hubby and kids to far away places.

6. I dread         getting up early in the morning!

7. A discovery I made this week was        In order for new journeys to begin, you must close the old one and leave it behind. There is no use stressing out over things you have no control over.  ♥
Special thanks to Lauren for this awesome FITBF link up