I sew made a Sewing Machine Cover!

 Jen Hemming and Hawing is doing a giveaway at her blog featuring the ETSY Tiny Goat Studios.

I am amazed. I could totally get used to this sewing machine {I have only had it for a little under 2 weeks}  But I was thinking I needed a cover for it.  I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, so I just winged it.  Im good at that!  I am not good at doing tutorials, so I am posting more of a Picture Tutorial.

Go HERE to enter!! HURRY HURRY!!
Okay, on to the post!

Sew Lets make this!

Isn't it cute.  The colors remind me of spring!  So here is a list of instructions, so that I can refer back to it, just incase I decide I want one for all seasons {cuz im crazy like that}

And it turns into this:

I love it!