List 4 + Music for my soul

So List # 4 is:
I ♥ music, so I am including music {courtesy youtube} to go with my List.
Now.. videos for entertainment:

I have always loved From Autum to Ashes.  This is one of there more mellow songs.  They are bar far one of my favorite Hardcore bands.

This song I cool down to in Zumba. I love it, its perfect for how I feel.

Some say Im such a hippie, {thank you} but I love reggae, especially the one and only Bob Marley

pac is so old school. But if it wasn't for his music, I would be missing a vital part of my 'growing up' in more aspects then one. This song reminds me of a girl named Becky, that I once knew. She was such a down chick, and we were such rebels. Crazy times. This is such a great song.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song.  I especially love this music video.. I could jam to it all day.

=) thanks for listening.

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