Love Story - Vol 5 "Victoria ♥ David"

Time to add another story to our "LOVE STORY" series.. today we hear about:

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Before living in Oklahoma, I spent 26 years as a Florida girl. I attended college & graduate school at University of Florida, and while living in a co-op in Gainesville I met one of my best friends, Josh. He graduated and moved to Oklahoma to live near his family. I was still in grad school and he wanted me to visit. I told him the only way I'd visit "that dust bowl" would be if he paid for my ticket. Well, he did, and I discovered that Oklahoma had more than dust!

During a break between Spring and Summer semester in May 2007 (and unbeknownst to me, at the beginning of tornado season), I made a trip out to Oklahoma to visit Josh. Josh’s roommate was his brother, David. I didn’t meet him until the day after I arrived. Poor David got off work, came home to a strange girl in his house, and then was trapped into listening to my not-so-great life story for the next two hours (it was the mostly-condensed version). Somehow, after all that, he thought I was the girl of his dreams. I thought he was cute, but I did not want to date someone long distance again – my previous boyfriend lived only an hour away and that didn’t work out, so I had no doubt that a 1300-mile long distance relationship wouldn’t fare any better.

Well, I didn’t really have much choice in the matter. David relentlessly pursued me: he “friended” me on myspace (back when myspace was cool), and he called me – at first every couple of days, then every day, then a couple of times a day. A girl can’t really say no to such determination from such a nice, cute boy! A little over a month after we first met, he bought a plane ticket to bring me back out to Oklahoma. I flew to see him at the beginning of July. We traveled around Oklahoma City and went on a camping trip to the Ozarks in Arkansas.

I would say that I began falling in love with him in Arkansas (and I think he would say that Arkansas just confirmed that he was falling in love with me). When it was time for me to go back to Florida, we joked about going by the courthouse to get married, but we were too scared to be that spontaneous. I returned to Florida, crying the entire way home; I didn't want to leave him.

Less than 3 weeks later, we each drove 9 hours to meet in Mississippi. In August, he flew me back out to Oklahoma, and again, we talked about getting married. In September, he flew out to Florida and met my family. My mom gave him a diamond ring that belonged to my grandmother, and he used it to make an engagement ring for me. I flew to Oklahoma in October, and he returned to Florida in November to formally propose marriage on the beach at sunrise.

We were married in May 2008, a little over a year after we first met and about 10 months after we first began dating. David is truly the love of my life, and my best friend, Josh, is now family!

Photo credits to Shanna Rae Photography

Thanks again Victoria for sharing this. I love this last picture of you two on the beach. 

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