For the love of a postcard - Bonn, Germany

My first International card. Whoo Hoo!  Nadine, I want to say thank you Oh so very much for sending this my way, and I hope you loved yours as much as I loved yours ♥

I thought this was awesome.

Nadine, also gave me a tidbit of info about Bonn, Germany.
I thought it was really neat to know that this is the birthplace of Beethoven!  I  am sure there is so much more history and findings in this city.  xoxo

Nadine, Thank you so much!  I am so happy to add this to the beginning of a great collection of postcards! 

TOMORROW I AM DOING ONE OF MY FIRST EVER LINKYS!  ITs going to be where you can link up your QUOTES that you LOVE!  And I sure do LOVE QUOTES!
Come back tomorrow and check it out!