Random thoughts

When I see something swooping down in the dark {most likely a bird or an owl} I automatically think its a gargoyle. No joke.

When I get out of the shower, I dry myself off in this pattern that I have done for eyars... some say borderline OCD. I say, proper percautions. 

If someone starts to cry, Tears will just flood my face, even if im not emotinal.

I love my house smelling good. There is nothing better then walking into my home and smelling warm crips apples with hits on cinnamon and nutmeg.  {I believe that is my Hemingway Scentsy- Im a consultant)

I love long talks with my husband about our days and what future plans we have.

There isn't any other feeling in the world then how I feel after my kids tell me that Im the best, or that they Love me.♥