Thank you note to new followers + random + FITBF

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First of all, I want to personally say 'Hello and Welcome' to all my new {and old} followers.  You make my bloging worth while, and the comments are nice as well. What started out as just a file box of all sorts of randomness here on the web, has grown to be a great place for me to mingle as well...but seriously, you all are amazing! 

So heres a post of 'stuff' that you probably didn't know about me.  Enjoy!
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I love wearing hats & head wraps -espeically when Im feeling lazy and don't want to do much with my hair. Its perfect.

I dont use sugar in my tea.. {I love love LOVE, tea}  Instead I uses Sweet Leaf{liquid stevia} It comes in all flavours, but this is my favorite for tea.

One of my Favorite drinks is:

I dont cook with just regular oil, I have to have EVOO.{thanks Rachel Ray for that transition!}

What im currently enjoying:
The caterpiller the the kids caught way back in JUNE 2010 came out if its cacoon today.  Very surprising.. but hes way cool, and I cant wait to let him go. {we caught him when we lived back in Idaho, and now were in a different state, so I wonder how it will handle, it is just a moth, im sure they adjust well}
can you see him, hes/shes white with black dots.  I looked it up and I think its a Tiger moth.  pretty cool, though. 

My newest obsessions are: {they usually change daily}
Ever since I have gotten my sewing machine, I have been eyeing these littler buggers at the craft shop downtown.

BRIGHT VEGGIES {added to stir fry-yumyum}

Making these fabric flowers:
{now if only we could find this headband, its lost in the rubble from spring cleaning!}

A good day would be:
When I can stay home in my jammies and not have to do a darn thing{besides the usual mommy thing} no paying bills, no doing makeup and Dinner cooks itself
{photo of me w/o makeup, again hence the hat!}

What am I looking forward to tomorrow?
-Leaving this cute lil' note for my hubby to find by his boots in the morning.  I sure do ♥ him.

So this just may sum it up for now!
Until next time!

{all photos belong to me, thank you very much!}

brought to you by Lauren

1. The phrase or punctuation I overuse most is ..... O.M.G.  Its such a simple one really.

2. Today I am thankful for.. my new sewing machine {well i got it over a week ago, but im still enjoying it!

3. My best friend is my.. hubby, he knows my secrets.

4. A quirky thing about me is Im obsessed with making lists, writing things down, and trying to overperfect being organized.

5. This weekend I am going to the movies with my kiddos and hubbs.

6. Something that worries me is my husbands job.  he risks his life everyday playing with high voltage electricity. {hes a lineman}

7. On my night stand you would find A wedding picture of me and the hubbs, and alarm clock.  set for 7:10 am =)