Whats in my bag/purse - list

This is List 8 from 30 days of lists , But I was also tagged by my dear friend Chrissy. So Im doin' a double here! 
This handy dandy bag is bigger then it looks, and thats why I love it so much!  I can carry anything and everything inside of it.  I usually trade out my bags often and I have several of them, but this is one of my favorites.  I love the giraffe print and the bright red.

So whats inside of this gem?
 1. Small books that I can read when the time calls for it. {current: Marilyn Monroe- My story}
2. My buisness cards {scentsy}
3. Scentsy catalogs
4. By gemed wallet, this things has everything inside!
5. My big stone bracelet. ♥
6. Advil bottle full of my meds and vitamins.
7. Sticky post-its
8. Black quartz ring.  I was looking for that!
9. Phone.
10. My fingerless gloves.
11. mp3 player of sissy's just incase shes having a bad day in the car.  Its filled with kids songs, and Bobmarley.  {she loves bob marley and stevie knicks} she must get that from her momma.
12. Pen and highlighters.
13. Rohto V Ice eye drops.  These things are like a reality check! seriously.
14. hair clips
15. Black sache' with coins.  {its never full because my son has recently discovered it}
16. Chapstick {2} both from Avon
17. Eyeliner
18 A few packs of Extra Gum Sugar free of course {key lime pie is my FAVOIRTE- so far}
19. My Bright colored gemstone watch. I love it. Its clanky.
20. My daughters arm warmers.  She must have stuffed those in there!

WOW, all that with room to spare!

IM NOT DONE YET, hehe. I have lots to talk about in the wee hours of the morning.  Seriously Ive been stressed out with my husbands job.. so heres a few things that I have been currently enjoying .

Making these wonderful Berry Smoothies.

And watching my son {8} teach his little sister {3} how to play tic-tac-toe on this travel Felt Board I made for them.

This new Sassy lookin thing I made! Im proud of it being my latest sewing project!

Last but not least..
The drawing on her easel that sissy left for us to see.
Brother helped.
Yep, thats our lil fam.