Winnings and swaps + Memo of postcard swap!

First things first.

I wanted to remind all you lovelies that I am doing a Postcard Swap with anyone who would like to swap postcards with me.  Mine are handmade and I cant wait for them to go out in the mail.  Funny story, Nearly at the exact time I posted the original Postcard Swap post, Nadine also posted hers!  So we are both doing postcard swaps, and I am excited to be swapping with her as well.  So go to the MEMO on the Postcard Swap and lets get started!

I am a very lucky girl.  I have been winning all kinds of stuff lately!


1st one comes from this lovely blog:
Katie did a lovely giveaway on her blog that I thought was perfect for St. Pattys day!
It was sponsored by Little Yellow Sew Shop blog (Etsy)
Thanks so much ladies, My little girl is gonna love it!  I wanted one for me, but thought my lil one would have a ball sporting this around for St. Pattys day!

This is what I won!
Photo does not belong to me

2nd bundle of joy Giveaway L♥VE comes from:
Melanies Blog  I am so excited for this to arrive.
It looks light enough to wear it during the sping and fall months, and I love that!  She has such cute things Over at her ETSY shop.
Thank you again, Melanie! I cant wait..

Last but NOT LEAST

Tough Cookie Momma randomly selected me to win her giveaway!
This is what I won! I coudn't steal a picture from her blog due to copywright, and stuff so let me just tell ya.  Its Purex Crystals. I heard they are awesome. So I will try them out and let ya'll know!

A huge thank you to all you great ladies, that do these giveaways!  I am anticipating one of my own here very soon.  HAVE A GOOD DAY!