Abc's of muah...

I am going to try this.  Enjoy.

Age: 27
Bed Size: Queen (need to upgrade!)
Chore you hate: cleaning up after dinner
Dogs:  used to have a pug.  ♥ I mis my geemer
Essential start of your day: stretch and tell everyone good morning
Favorite Color: burgendy
Gold or silver:  Silver or white gold
Height: 5'2
Instruments I play (or have played): bass guitar, acoustinc, beat machine
Job Title: Child Therapist, before this last move
Kids: 2  (8 and 3 year old)
Live: I dont know where home is..
Mom's Name: Grace
Nickname:  Babe (hubby) Momma (kids) Goonie (aunts and uncles) Sis (mom and dad)
Overnight hospital stays: Oh, boy.  just a few emergency surgeries..
Pet Peeve: chomping  When people chomp there food/gum ect and get crumbs all over.
Quote from a movie: When you want something in life, you just gotta reach out and grab it. 
-Into the Wild  (this one just comes to mind)
Right or left handed: right
Siblings: none - brother (half) ♥
Time you wake up: 7: 12 (well alarm is set for 7:10, but I am know to zombie around for a few minutes before I actually realize im awake)
Underwear:  Wha?
Vegetables you dislike: squishy peas
What makes you run late: When Im looking for something and cant find it
X-rays you've had done: my chest
Yummy food you make: Lots of stuff. I love cooking and baking if I have everything I need
Zoo animal:  Lion/Tiger