☆ About Muah

Some of you lovlies are new here, and so I thought I would introduce myself a bit.  (this is an older post but its very explanitory)  I want to thank all my new followers for making this blog so special.  Who would have thought that I would have started out with myself as the only follower, and then soon have almost 300 (oh and a giveaway will be comming soon, once I hit 300) PROMISE!

Much about me? Hm....
Im a 20-something Wife and mommy who ♥'s to daydream and listen to music. My family and I have relocated atleast once a year for the past 5+ years due to job openings and layoffs. I am just trying to make each new place we move to more like a 'home' and I find it awfuly difficult at times. Its a journey that has its ups and downs and everything inbetween...

{More Tidbits about Muah..., if your interested}
Okay, so where to start....
For the most part, I am a happy kinda gal.

I am everything and then some.

I have high hopes and great dreams.

I have 2 beautiful children who bring joy to my life each and every day.

My hubby is my best friend and companion. He is a very dedicated father and a admire him for his hard work and ethics. He amazes me. I truely admire and love him.

Pets are wonderful and I believe they bring a special kind of happiness to the family.
Im scared of spiders, its not that I just dont like them, but when I see one, I have a hard time sleeping at night because of it. I have liable reasons for this, and I just plain dislike them.

I am sometimes overly caring and I cry when I see someone else cry.

I have a horrible habit of dry heaving if something grosses me out. Some think this is an awful trait.. but I just cant help it!.

A new found interest of mine is dandilions.. it could be pictures of, or the thought of wishies.. I am uncertain.. I just really like em'.

♥ photographs; captured moments through a snapshot

'Art' seems to make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I mean I litteraly get chills. Now thats when you know you have seen something brilliant.

I love to cook yummy things, and I love to eat them yummy things.

I always have creative ways and a frugal budget.

I LOVE Butterflies.

I{heart} graffiti, for some reason, the passing trains or the dead end alley always have an art creation on them.. and I just absolutly love it.

I love flowers. A especially favorite of mine is the Lily.
{cala lily - stargazer lily}

I have always been interested in Zodiac. Im a Cancer by the way..

Im not much of a crafter, but I certainly try.

I dont know how to knit or crochet but I would love to learn.

Cant sew very good either. But again, I try.

I love Hearts and Stars.
I have a Star tatooed on my wrist.

Clowns FREAK me out.

Art and photography are just two things that never seize to amaze me. I couldn't live without it.

My favorite part of the meal is dessert. :smile:

I dont have any main reason for starting this blog..I just stumbled upon a blog one day, and though, hmm.. that looks like it could be interesting.
So here I am.
Blogging away.